The Family’s Best Friend giveaway begins tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this sponsor spotlight post for Clean+Green, one of my sponsors in the event.

Spotlight: Clean+Green Furniture RefresherI have three dogs, and while they’re generally pretty clean, they tend to have stinky feet. Not anything gross, mind you, but the definitely emit a distinct “dog feet” odor. Well, except for my dog Maia, who uses her toenails to pick her teeth clean, then cleans out her toes by chewing on her foot. She’s a strange dog. The point is, as clean as my dogs are, the furniture (yes, I let my dogs on the furniture) sometimes gets that “no so fresh” eau de dog feet scent. I am apprehensive about using harsh chemical fabric fresheners because I don’t want it getting on their fur and into their skin. I also don’t really want it getting on my skin.

Clean+Green Furniture Refresher offers a great solution that both eliminates the odors and protects your furry family (and the non-furry members as well). The all-natural solution is made from water, plant-based ingredients, and a natural hydrogen propellant. Although it is a professional-grade product, it’s safe for the environment and everyone in it. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-carcinogenic. It works really well. Surprisingly well, in fact, considering that it’s also fragrance-free. So rather than covering up an odor by dumping lots of pretty smelling fragrances on top of it, Clean+Green Furniture Refresher actually encapsulates the odor and destroys it at the source. The Furniture Refresher is very easy to use, just spray on the water-safe surface. That’s it. No scrubbing, no vacuuming, no rinsing. You can purchase the Furniture Refresher directly through their website with free shipping.

Family’s Best Friend Prize Contribution

Clean+Green is providing a can of their Clean+ Green Fabric Refresher to the winner of my giveaway. The can retails for $9.99. If you would like to get a head start on the entries, follow Clean+Green on Facebook and Twitter, as those will both be extra entries on the giveaway form. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to enter to win this and other goodies for your beloved furry companions!


Note- I received a free product for evaluation purposes. My opinions, as always, are my own.