Spotlight: Smart BonesThe Family’s Best Friend giveaway hop is already underway, but I have one more sponsor to share with you. SmartBones bills itself as “the smart alternative to rawhide,” which is great because I’ve done some reading over the last few years regarding healthy treat options for my dogs (well, actually, my mom did the research and I nodded a lot) and found that rawhide may not all that great on your dog’s digestive tract.   SmartBones will provide your dog with all the chewing satisfaction of long-lasting rawhide but without the potential digestive issues. Dogs need to chew,it’s in their nature. I’d much rather have mine chewing on something they can digest than my new shoes or Jacob’s favorite Frisbee (although I did get them out of the habit of  stealing and destroying our stuff a long time ago, occasionally they mistake one of his toys for theirs).

My dogs got to try the large-breed peanut butter flavored bones. I swear they can smell something for them a mile away because they knew as soon as I walked in the door with the mail that they had treats. All three of them really enjoyed the bones, even my Shepherd, Tasha, who only likes to chew on the rare occasion. I tried to take pictures, but they weren’t very cooperative. Tasha hides to eat hers, Maia kept turning her back to the camera, and Cooper moves around too much when he’s chewing.

Key Facts About Smart Bones

  • SmartBones are made from the highest quality ingredients such as chicken and vegetables,   and are over 99% digestible, which means they are less likely to cause intestinal blockage. According to the SmartBones fact sheet, even some of the highest grade pet food is only about 85% digestible.
  • They’re enhanced with vitamins and minerals to supplement your dog’s kibble diet. These include zinc, calcium, vitamin E, thiamine, and other essential nutrients.
  • They are environmentally friendly, as they do not require toxic processes to create.
  • The come in  Peanut Butter and Chicken flavors, and in a variety of sizes to best suit your breed’s individual needs.
  • In a study in which SmartBones were placed beside another type of treat, 9 out of 10 dogs chose the bowl with SmartBones.
  • SmartBones were created by an expert pet nutritionist who spent years specializing in holistic pet foods.

Family’s Best Friend Prize Contribution

SmartBones is providing the winner of my Family’s Best Friend giveaway with 4 bones in the size that is best for your pet’s weight. The estimated value varies depending on the size. Check out SmartBones on Facebook for news, offers, and other information. Don’t forget to visit the Family’s Best Friend giveaway to enter! It’s stickied to the front page as well as on the sidebar under giveaways.