Whether you’re still looking for that perfect Halloween costume or need a stash for fun work parties and other random dress-up events, Fancy Dress Ball: The Online Fancy Dress Shop has some really awesome selections that are sure to make you the hit of the party. Based out of the UK,  Fancy Dress Ball has a massive selection of costumes from just about every era and genre. They offer international shipping, and their prices are really reasonable even when you factor in the added cost of shipping overseas.

Find Super Cool and Original Halloween Costumes at the Fancy Dress BallIf the 1970’s are beckoning to you, you’ll adore their selection of fancy 70’s costumes. From Disco Dolly to a very Carol Brady-like psychedelic top to late 70’s punk glam, they offer the best (or worst, depending on your view of 70’s fashions) of the decade. I particularly like the psychedelic look, although I’m not sure I could pull off those boots!  They also offer men’s fancy dress costumes from the decade, including some super-bright men’s flared trousers. Come on, who doesn’t want to see their husband in purple disco pants?

Every good 70s costume needs accessories, and you’ll find plenty to accompany your outfit. From sequined hats to oversize star glasses, from giant gold rings to cheesy medallions, everything you need to finish off your look is right there on Fancy Dress Ball.


Find Super Cool and Original Halloween Costumes at the Fancy Dress BallIf you’re a child of the 80s like me, you’ll find a plethora of 80’s fancy dress ideas to create the perfect ensemble for just about any costume party. The 80’s were a colorful time, both metaphorically and fashion-wise. It’s funny to think that the stuff we wore back then in our day to day lives (or night lives, although I was too young to have much of one since I was only 15 when the decade ended) are now considered costumes. From sexy Top Gun girls to superstar pop singers, and even Bananas in Pajamas, Fancy Dress Ball has some, like, totally awesome 80s costume ideas.

If you’re feeling a little more risque, Fancy Dress Ball has some spectacular ideas for sexy costumes ranging from a little on the flirty side but still relatively safe to wear to a family party to outfits you would never want to wear outside the bedroom. Fancy Dress Ball offers such a diverse array of dress-up clothing and the site is really fun to explore. I loved looking at all their different offerings and thinking “ooh, maybe next year I’ll be that!”
Find Super Cool and Original Halloween Costumes at the Fancy Dress Ball