Help TruKid Reach 5000 Facebook Fans and You Could Win a Two-Month SupplyStarting October 1st, TruKid is going to be giving away some awesome prizes on their Facebook page. They are trying to reach 5,000 Facebook Likes by the end of October and will be offering 4 of their “fans” at random a grand prize of their whole TruKid Line for 2 months. In addition, the 4 people who referred the winning “fans” will receive 5 items of their choosing from the TruKid line. So swing by TruKid’s Facebook page and check it out!

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Note-I was not compensated in any way for this post, although theoretically I do have a chance of winning the referrer’s contest if one of my readers wins the giveaway and says that I referred them. I agreed to promote this because I really like TruKid’s products.