Donna & Company SpotlightSeveral months ago, back when Pretty Opinionated was still brand new, I had the great pleasure of working with Donna & Company, a small, independently owned and operated company that makes fine chocolates. Like really fine chocolates. Amazingly, extraordinary fine chocolates. Back then, I reviewed their delicious line of honey caramels. Today, I had a chance to try out a few of their Donna Toscana brand, all wrapped up in a pretty red box for the holidays.

Have I mentioned how amazing these chocolates are yet? Just in case you didn’t get the point, they are the types of chocolates that cause you to stalk your FedEx guy when you know they’re coming. The type that can turn a cruddy sick with a sore throat day into a “yay, I’m getting chocolate!” day. I tried the pumpkin, lemon basil, olive oil and sea salt, and cranberry orange today. I let my mom have the raspberry, because I’m a good daughter and she taught me to share. I would have to say that either the pumpkin or the sea salt were my favorites. They were both so completely different, the pumpkin filling has a really silky texture (sort of like pumpkin pie), and the sea salt is just a little coarser, but they were both so unique and delicious. The lemon basil was really interesting. I never would have thought that basil went well with chocolate, but someone Diane (the artist behind the artisan chocolates) pulled it off.

Before trying Donna & Company chocolates, I was somewhat of a chocolate purist, afraid to take chances on unique combinations. Now, I’m a total convert. Chocolate is meant to be experimented with, especially when that experimenting is done by the hands of a true chocolatier genius. The company was started by Diane Pinder, a former critical care nurse. During her nursing career, she perfected her attention to detail, as critical care nursing requires fast thinking and the ability to notice even the slightest change in your patient’s status. She took those skills and unleashed them on chocolate, using them to find the highest quality ingredients and craft masterful pieces of culinary art.

You can purchase Donna & Company chocolates at Whole Foods Markets and select specialty stores throughout the Northeastern United States, or online through their website.

Trick or Treat Prize Contribution

Donna & Company Spotlight

The winner of my Trick or Treat giveaway will receive a 5-piece sampler of Donna & Company’s Donna Toscana chocolates in the same pretty box with magnetic clsure pictured above. When you’re done devouring your chocolates, you can reuse the box! The giveaway starts tonight at 10pm, but if you want to get a head start, follow Donna & Company on Facebook and Twitter, as both will be extra entries on the Rafflecopter form.