Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Pouches Review and GiveawayJacob is on a healthy eating kick, which is pretty cool considering he’s only six years old. I’m not saying he’s forsaking all cookies and cakes or anything, but he willingly chooses to eat at least one fruit or vegetable snack each day, usually carrots or grapes. I figured that since he’s on this kick, he would really like the Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit pouches. We were given six different varieties to try, including three fruit blends and three veggie blends. Well, he wouldn’t eat  most them straight up because he decided he was too scared to try something new (he’s very, very picky), but we did get creative and find others ways to enjoy them.

The Peter Rabbit Organic fruit pouches are made with 100% fruits and vegetables. The name on the front tells you pretty much everything you need to know. For example, the Strawberry and Banana Fruit Snack, contains strawberries and bananas, along with a little lemon concentrate to keep it fresh. That’s it. Three ingredients. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. This particular flavor works tastes great mixed in with oatmeal. The Mango, Banana, and Orange variety goes perfect in a smoothie. Jake dd eat the Apple and Grape without mixing it into other foods, as those are two of his favorite flavors and I told him it was basically like apple sauce (it’s not, the fruit pouches do not contain added sugars or other ingredients like regular apple sauce). In all three of the varieties, you can really taste the fruit as it is meant to be enjoyed. Even though there is no added sugar, they’re still plenty sweet enough.

The vegetable blends were a little trickier, as I couldn’t figure out how to be creative with those, so I gave them to a friend with a toddler to try out. She reported that her little girl loved them. They’re great for really young children because they come in easy to squeeze pouches. They make awesome on-the-go snacks, especially if your child isn’t as finicky as mine. I really like them because they’re an easy way to work in servings of fruits and vegetables, and because they’re good for just about all ages. Of course, the fact that they’re healthy is definitely a huge plus! I also like the the pouch is resealable. Just twist the cap back on and stick it in the fridge.


Peter Rabbit Organics is offering one reader a set of 12 Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Snack Pouches. To enter, fill out the information on the Rafflecopter form. Open to US Residents age 18+.Giveaway ends at 11:59PM on November 28th.  Winner will be notified by email on or about the 29th, and has 48 hours to respond.