Servemehere:The First Referral Network of Professionals That Come to YouWith the holidays upon us, none of us have as much time as we’d like to have. I know I’m busy pretty much every second of the day. Between my seasonal job, shopping, blogging, writing for my regular freelance gig, and making sure Jacob gets to go to as many holiday activities as possible, I barely have enough time to sleep! If you’re as busy as I am (and I’m sure many of you are much busier), you may want someone who will come to you to get things done, rather than having to work in one more errand while you’re running around. Whether you’re looking for a cleaning service to help you get ready for that holiday bash, or a psychic reading to find out what the New Year holds for you, Servemehere can help you find a professional in your area that will come right to your door.

The service is really easy to use. Just type in your keyword and zip code, hit “find,” and peruse the list of service providers available in your area. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for and just want to see what’s available, you can leave off the keyword. I found out that there are a few disc jockeys in my area, which is always good to know in case I decide to plan a big party. Hey, it could happen! There are also several residential cleaners, an air brush tanning specialist, a psychic, and more. All willing to come to my house!

What I really need, though, is some massage therapy! I’m a tense person these days, and I haven’t had a massage in year. I would much rather get one in the comfort and privacy of my own home than in a spa. Yes, spas are nice, but I’m really shy, so I would rather ensure that no one could just walk in on me or something. Servemehere makes it easy to find someone in my area and lets me contact them before booking an appointment, just in case I have any questions (I always have questions, so this is an important feature).

Once you find what you’re looking for, you can book your appointment through the Servemehere website. If you can’t find someone that offers the service you need, you can submit a request and have it posted on the site. If someone can fill your need, they’ll get in touch with you. So keep them in mind next time you need to shave a few minutes or hours off your running-around time.  Plus, if you refer new members to the site using your referral link, you can earn some cash. Refer 20 people and get $15.



Servemehere:The First Referral Network of Professionals That Come to You