Keep Your Produce Fresh With BluappleI try to buy as much fruit as possible, especially since Jake actually prefers it as a snack, but with just the two of us, sometimes (most of the times, actually) it goes bad before we can eat it all. I hate throwing out tons of food, not only is it a total waste of money, but it just makes me feel guilty overall because someone took the time to grow, pick, and ship that food to me. I try to be conscious of other’s hard work. Apparently, I’m not the only one throwing out food every week. A USDA study determined that the average American family throws out a whopping $600 worth of produce every year because it went bad before they could use it! That’s more than my car insurance for the year (granted, I only have liability, but you get the point). With the cost of produce on the rise every day ($7 for a bag of grapes in some places around here!), I’m sure that figure is actually much higher.

Bluapple has come up with a way to keep your produce fresher longer and save you major bucks in the process. The little plastic apple, combined with proper storage methods (certain fruits should be kept at room temperature) can extend the life of the produce by absorbing the ethylene gas that is produced by the fruits and vegetables. This gas causes them to ripen and go bad faster.

I used my Bluapple with a bag of clementines that I bought. Both Jake and I love those little fruits (they always make me want to sing, for some reason), but the two of us alone can’t go through them faster. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them separately around here, so you either have to buy a bag or a crate. I put my Bluapple in with the bag, and so far they seem to be staying just fine. It’s been about a week since I bought them, and they haven’t shriveled up into sad little fruits yet, so I’m pretty happy! Plus, the Bluapple is just really darn cute. There is no rule that says a practical object can’t be adorable as well, right?


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