The Boston Tea Company Serves Up An Awesome Cup of TeaI am a hot beverage person. In the morning, I down about three cups of coffee, in the afternoon I drink black tea, and in the evening I relax with herbal tea. It’s one of the reasons I actually kind of like the cooler months- hot beverages are always just right. The Boston Tea Company, one of the oldest tea companies in the US, was kind enough to send me several different types of tea to try out, including their seasonal Holiday Spice, Apple Cinnamon, and Earl Grey in tea-bag format, and their Pumpkin Spice and Blood Orange loose teas. I was downright giddy when I opened the package and saw all the goodies they sent me.

The Boston Tea Company Serves Up An Awesome Cup of Tea


The Teas- In Order of My Favorites

Blood Orange Loose Tea- Words cannot even describe how amazing this tea smells right in the package, let alone how awesome it tastes in the cup. Blood orange is quickly becoming my new favorite flavor in just about everything, and in tea form it’s downright mesmerizing. This tea contains chunks of orange peels, apples, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, and safflowers, all perfectly combined to create the most outstanding cup of citrus-fruity goodness you could ever ask for in a tea. It’s perfect for relaxing with a good book after a long day, or to boost your mood in the middle of a particularly rough day (citrus always makes me happy!).

Pumpkin Spice Loose Tea- This one was an extremely close second to the Blood Orange, and it’s like a slice of pumpkin pie in your cup (and without the calories). It contains Ceylon Black Tea, exotic Spices, sunflower petals,and natural pumpkin flavors. The pumpkin really shines through, and I will definitely be relying on this tea to satisfy my sweet tooth while I’m trying to lose weight during the New Year. I drank it without sugar or milk and it was just perfect.

Holiday Spice Tea Bags- The Holiday Spice tea was right up there with the loose teas and made it really hard to decide which I liked best. It’s made with a blend of Chinese & Indian Black Tea, cinnamon & chai flavors, making it another fantastic after-dinner dessert tea. The cinnamon and chai are milder than a traditional chai tea, but still strong enough to be noticeable. Again, I didn’t need any sugar or milk to accompany this tea.

Apple Cinnamon Rooibos Tea Bags- Red rooibos tea is super good for you because it’s loaded with antioxidants, but doesn’t have all the tannins found in black tea. It’s even better for you when it tastes great, because then you’ll actually want to drink it. Boston Tea Company’s Apple Cinnamon Rooibos tea definitely tastes great- kind of like apple cider, but again without the calories or sugar. I love the idea of apple cider, but I rarely drink it because it’s too thick (I’m a little picky, have I mentioned that?). This tea satisfies my craving for the hot beverage without the waste of money that comes from me buying a jug and drinking a single cup.

Earl Grey Tea Bags- I really think Earl Grey is an acquired taste. Maybe it’s the Bergamot, which lends it a spicy flavor that is unexpected in a cup of black tea. While this wasn’t one of my top favorites, I did enjoy it when I was sick last week and needed something other than coffee to get me moving in the morning. I added cream and honey to it, I think it tastes better with sugar and cream though.

Overall Opinion

The Boston Tea Company makes absolutely outstanding teas and I am extremely pleased with the amazing variety they sent me. I highly recommend their loose teas in particular because you can really control the strength, and because they are made with such premium ingredients.