I’m going to start doing more posts about my area, since it’s such a huge tourist tra..uh, attraction. The Poconos were once the premier place for honeymooners, and although I think we’ve kind of lost that appeal, we’re still a huge destination for skiers, snowboarders, and people looking to escape NYC and NJ for a weekend (which, based on the sheer amount of traffic we experience Fridays through Sundays, is the entire population of both states.

One of my favorite places in the entire area is Got Beans, a little coffee shop in the Stroud Mall on Route 611. I work in the mall seasonally, and Got Beans is my haven. In the morning, they provide me with much-needed caffeine and good conversation. In the afternoon, they make me my “pretty egg” and whip me up some amazing iced-coffee concoction to provide yet more much-needed caffeine. You work in the mall during the holidays and tell me if you can get by without at least four cups of coffee a day!

Aside from amazing coffee ranging from the regular House Blend to rich Sumatra to dozens of flavor syrups and other types of coffee drinks, they also offer delicious breakfast and lunch fare. The “Pretty Egg” is mine. It was named such because the culinary genius behind the counter asked me how I wanted my eggs on my bagel with egg and cheese. I told him I had no idea, just make it pretty. I think he scrambled it. In any case, the “Pretty Egg” was born, and I was told to just ask for that so he’d know what I wanted. Eventually, other people started asking for it. It’s not on the menu, but if you ask for it, you’ll get the best egg and cheese sandwich on the planet.

They also offer tons of wraps and sandwiches, all made fresh when you order them. For dessert, try one of their amazing pastries, muffins, or ginormous cookies. Their selection varies each day, but you’ll always find something decadent to try out. Just look at those awesome cakes and cookies:

Around the Poconos: Got Beans Coffee Shop


If you enjoy their coffee, which you will, you can take home a pound for $9.99. This is actually a better deal than grocery store coffee, because I pay like $8 for name-brand coffee in a 12-ounce bag. I bought 3 half-pound bags before I left for the season, including their Buzz Coffee, which is loaded with caffeine. So if you’re in the area and you need to warm up, or plan to hit a movie at the mall, make sure you stop by Got Beans. It’s in the JC Penny wing. You won’t be sorry! You’ll also be supporting a small-business owner, as it’s independently owned and operated.