I’m very excited to announce that I am part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program. I just selected my first month’s worth of food this past weekend and should be starting my diet very soon. Each week I’ll share my progress, which foods I liked best and which I plan to avoid in the future (I’m a picky and honest eater), and other details about the program. I’ll be on the Women’s Success program, and will be receiving dozens of pantry-ready foods as well as 10 Chef’s Table frozen selections. I’m really happy they have so many pantry-ready options because I don’t have a huge freezer.

I'm A Nutrisystem Nation Blogger! #NSNationI got to select a bunch of different meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert from Nutrisystem’s menu. The ones I’m most looking forward to trying are, of course, the desserts! Actually, I’m looking forward to trying everything I picked. But seriously, doesn’t this brownie look good? I’m also looking forward to trying the new protein shakes, especially since I’m pretty sure I don’t get enough protein in my diet.

I’m hoping to lose at least 40 pounds between now and July. I’ll be on the Nutrisystem plan for four months, so I really hope it will give me a good head start on that goal. I’ll also be increasing my physical activity, because sitting at the computer all day is definitely not going to get my butt in bridesmaid shape before September. I’m aiming to meet my goal by July because I figure that will give me enough time to get my dress and everything. So wish me luck, and keep an eye out for my first post on the program once I get my food!


Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.

Note- Nutrisystem will be providing me with their program free of charge in exchange for my participation in the blogger program.