Nostalgia Electrics Quesadilla Maker ReviewQuesadilla’s are delicious, and among my favorite foods to eat when we go out, but times are getting tougher by the day. I can’t afford to go spending money at restaurants anymore, especially where the good quesadilla’s cost at least $8 per plate. It never occurred to me to just make my own at home until my ingenious boyfriend asked if I could get a Quesadilla maker for review. Nostalgia Electrics, the company responsible for such awesome products as the Old-Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Maker and Retro Series Breakfast Station, was kind enough to send me their 8″ Electric Quesadilla Maker to try out.

This little gadget is pretty awesome! First, I just want to remind you that I have like zero talents in the kitchen, so when I say a cooking gadget is easy to use, it actually means it’s easy to use. This one is definitely pretty simple and straight-forward. We made basic chicken and cheese quesadillas. I had nothing to do with cooking the chicken, I left that up to more capable hands, although I did cut it up! But once that part was done, I could easily manage the rest on my own.

Nostalgia Electrics Quesadilla Maker Review

Using the Quesadilla maker is as easy as plugging it in, waiting for it to warm up, slapping an 8″ tortilla on the bottom part, filling it, slapping another tortilla on top, closing the lid, and waiting 3-7 minutes. As you can see in the picture above, I like to load mine up with cheese. The first one we made was a little thin because we were worried about over-filling it, but this one came out just right.

Nostalgia Electrics Quesadilla Maker Review


I like mine a little crisp and brown in the middle, so I left it in for about 4 minutes. If you prefer it less crunchy, go with about 3 minutes.  Cooking times vary depending on what you’re putting into your quesadilla. In addition to the typical fare, you can also make breakfast quesadillas, dessert ones (I so need to try that next), and pretty much anything you can think of stuffing between two tortillas. You can even make pizzas by not putting the second tortilla on top. The instruction manual comes with a few recipes to get you started.

Clean-up is also surprisingly simple. I just wiped it down with a wet sponge, let it dry, and put it away. It stands on its side, so you don’t have to find a ton of empty storage space for it in your already-packed kitchen. One thing though, I suggest using a pizza cutter to cut your finished product into triangles, it definitely makes the task easier. But then again, I’m not exactly good with knives.

The Nostalgia Electric Quesadilla Maker retails for about $20, and I spent maybe $12 total on all the supplies to make approximately 6 quesadillas, plus I still have cheese left over. It’s definitely a lot cheaper in the long run than eating them at a restaurant. Check out Nostalgia Electrics on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news, deals, and more.


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Nostalgia Electrics Quesadilla Maker Review