I just finished up my first week on the Nutrisystem Success for Women plan, and so far I think it’s going pretty well. Admittedly, I did totally cheat on Thursday, but I spent Wednesday night in the emergency room due to a burst cyst (at least that’s what they think it was, tests were inconclusive) and was really needing plain old comfort food. I did lose two pounds the whole week though, so that’s something!

Nutrisystem Week One- Trying Out New Foods #NSNationThis week was pretty much my week to try out the different stuff I was given or asked for and see what I like best. So far, I really like all the  lunch bars, especially the Chocolate Peanut Bar and the Fudge Graham Bar. The double-chocolate breakfast muffin was great when heated up for about 10 seconds, but I wasn’t too thrilled with the chocolate doughnut.

Nutrisystem Week One- Trying Out New Foods #NSNationFor dinner, I really loved the Mac and Cheese, it was much better than I thought it would be. The Chef’s Table Whole Wheat Ricotta Crepes were definitely a hit with me too. Some of the foods take a little getting used to, as they’re a different texture or color than you may be expecting when you open the package. Like, the pantry-ready chicken Alfredo had sort of an off color to me, like a beige rather than a creamy white. Once I got past that, though, it actually was pretty good.

For the most part, I’m still just trying to adjust to the routine of eating certain foods every day. The plan does allow two snacks, and I need to get an air popper to make popcorn since you can have like three cups of that a day aside from your other food. The protein shakes are really helpful too, and I love that you just need to mix them with water and ice. I still have a few foods that I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll update you next week on my progress as well as which other ones I recommend.

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