Nutrisystem Week Two: Developing Better Habits #NSNationI just finished the second week of the Nutrisystem Success for Women Plan, and I’m still working on developing better habits. I know I’m supposed to be drinking a lot of water, but I never seem to remember. Mostly because I just can’t stand plain water, and also because it’s expensive for me. I have really bad-tasting water in my house, so I have to buy jugs and bottles. I end up drinking coffee or tea because it masks the taste of my water, so I don’t have to use my store-bought stuff. Basically, I suck at staying hydrated. I’m thinking if I switch out a few cups of my regular tea to some herbal stuff (of which I have plenty) earlier in the day rather than waiting until bedtime, I’ll at least get in some semblance of a hydrating beverage.

Anyway, so that’s my major challenge, and I’m working on it. I’m still going through all the foods and deciding which ones I like best, and which I really need to avoid in the future. I tried the chicken quesadilla (a freezer food), and it was excellent. I should admit that I probably used more sour cream than I was supposed to, but hey, it was light sour cream! Still, it was definitely one of my favorites so far. I’m still loving the breakfast and lunch bars the best, mostly because they’re such treats with their chocolaty goodness.

I’m also working on getting more exercise. I used to sit at this computer for hours and hours because my entire livelihood exists online. I recently lost one of my regular freelance writing gigs, and while this is causing horrible stress as far as finances go, the forced break has been good for my waistline. So far, between the Nutrisystem plan and my increased level of exercise, I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks. Hey, it’s a start!


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