Fun fact: Did you know that, in the dieting world, today is referred to as Super Monday? So many people blow their diets on Super Bowl Sunday, eating a whopping 1200 calories just in snacks alone, that today has been declared the day to get back on track. Considering that Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving in food consumption, I imagine there will be a lot of people resolving to eat better today.

I’m not a football fan, and I didn’t go to any parties, so I was a good girl all day yesterday. Okay, fine, I did cheat a bit last week during those days of the month where chocolate is basically a life necessity, and only ice-cream would suffice.¬† I also placed my second order for my Nutrisystem Success for Women Plan during those days, so the entire thing basically consisted of chocolate muffins, chocolate bars, and pizza. What can I say, the pizza rocks, and I crave comfort food when I’m all miserable and crampy!

I was really surprised to discover how good the shelf-stable pantry variety tasted. It comes in a little kit, and at first I thought there was no way they included enough cheese. Once it all melts together though, it’s pretty awesome. I love that it takes just one minute to prepare, especially when it’s 3:10, and I realize that I forgot to eat lunch that afternoon, but I have to pick up my son at 3:20. All of the Nutrisystem¬† foods are really fast and convenient. If you’re really pressed for time, the bars are “grab and go” food. I need that, because part of my problem when it comes to eating healthy is that I just don’t have time to make anything. During the day, I get engrossed in my writing and don’t want to take a break to prepare a whole healthy meal. The ability to walk two feet to my pantry (my office space is in my kitchen), and grab my breakfast or lunch really helps keep me on track. I didn’t do my weight this week because it’s not going to be accurate, since I tend to gain 5 lbs of water weight during this time.


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