Pin Me Pinterest Hop- What Will You Do With Your Extra Day?

I keep forgetting that this year is Leap Year, which means I have a whole extra day that typically doesn’t exist. This week, for the Pin Me! Pinterest hop, Matter of Cents and Shopping For Savings want to know what I’ll be doing with my extra day. I wish I could say it will be something really cool, but since it’s a Wednesday, I’ll probably be sitting right here coming up with pins for next Thursday’s Pin Me hop! But if I’m feeling particularly motivated, maybe I’ll do one of more of these things:


Make that cool craft that I keep saying I’ll make when I have time. I could definitely use some of these tangle-free headphone wire wrappers!


Whatever I do, it will definitely include lots of coffee! That’s no different from any other day, of course.


Source: via Nicole on Pinterest


I could use the time to catch up on my reading, as I’m really far behind.


Or maybe I’ll finally get a tattoo! (Note to boyfriend- I am kidding, unless you figured out a way to make it not hurt!)

Source: via Elioraa on Pinterest


Perhaps I’ll finally getting around to trying some of the recipes on my Good Food board, like these Baked Sweet Potato Fries from “Around My Family Table.”

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest


Better yet, maybe I’ll just scrap all of the above and curl up for a long nap!