Today is National Puppy Day, an unofficial holiday started by Colleen Paige,  editor-in-chief of “Pet Home” Magazine. Paige wanted to encourage people to go out and adopt homeless puppies, rather than buy them in a pet store. The goal is to get homes for 10,000 puppies each year. Puppies are among the cutest little beings on the planet, and they all deserve a good home. If you’re looking for a puppy for your family, please consider adoption. Before you scroll down to enjoy a few pictures of cuddly canines, I want to remind you to check out my interview with Lisa of the Good Dogma Company. She talks about her experiences with adoption, the importance of rescuing, and the mission behind her company. Don’t forget to enter the dog lover’s giveaway at the end of the post!


I really wanted to share pictures of my dogs when they were puppies, but my camera back then was like a 1MP and the quality stinks. However, I do have this really great picture of my brother and sister-in-law’s Bella-Wiener dog! I had a bunch more pics, but they were from Pinterest and all the links broke, so I just got rid of them. Bellow is cute enough all on her own, don’t you think?

Celebrate "National Puppy Day" With A Dose Of Utter Cuteness

Bella Weiner Dog (My brother’s and future sister-in-law’s dog)