Teach Your Kids Financial Responsibility With Dave Ramsey's "Junior's Adventures"Teaching kids about financial responsibility from an early age is more important now than ever before. We’re all pinching pennies a little tighter these days, and kids need to understand why we can’t buy them every toy they see, or take them to every movie that is released. Just about everyone has heard of Dave Ramsey and his famous debt-reducing strategies. While those books and programs are geared towards adults, Ramsey also created a series designed to help children better understand the value of a dollar and hard work.

Junior’s Adventures feature a young boy named Junior who learns valuable economic lessons throughout each story. There are six hardcover books in all, and you can get them in a convenient box set. Each book focuses on a different aspect of money and economics. For example, in  Battle of the Chores, Junior becomes indebted to his little sister after borrowing money from her to purchase a “must-have” DVD.  Unfortunately, Junior cannot pay her back as promptly as she expects, so he ends up doing all of her chores for the week just to earn enough to get her off his back, and he never even gets to watch his new DVD. Careless at the Carnival teaches a lesson about blowing all your money at once, while A Special Thank You shares a lesson about doing the right thing and returning money that doesn’t belong to you.

All of the books in the Junior’s Adventures box set are fully illustrated, with lessons presented through engaging story telling with highly characters that are easy to relate to. The six values covered throughout the books are: work, saving, spending, giving, integrity, and debt. These values make up the core of Ramsey’s program. At about 30 pages each, the books are just long enough to get the point across and work great as bedtime stories. The lessons in each book are very open-ended, allowing you to engage your children in further conversation about each of the values.

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Teach Your Kids Financial Responsibility With Dave Ramsey's "Junior's Adventures"