How Electro Nyte Helped Me Survive St. Patrick's DayOnce upon a time, many moons ago, I was quite the party girl. I could hang out with Sailors and still walk home at the end of the night. Well, stumble may be a better word, but I still managed to remain upright! Those years are long past, and in the last decade I can count my “nights out” on one hand. This past St. Patrick’s Day was one of those nights, and I really over-indulged in the…uh…festivities. Hey, I considered it a working night, since I was testing out Electro Nyte by My Body Shots!

Electro Nyte is a vitamin and electrolyte drink that is supposed to prevent the unpleasant effects of alcohol. One of the reasons I gave up my party girl ways all those years ago is because I was just tired of feeling cruddy the next day. Of course, there are many others reasons involved, including growing up and becoming a responsible adult, but that was a major factor at the time. Now that I’m a mom, I really can’t afford to feel cruddy the next day because I don’t get to sleep until 2 PM anymore.

About Electro Nyte

Dehydration is the main cause of that cruddy next-day feeling, and the electrolytes in Electro Nyte help stave that offf. The B and C Vitamins in the shot also play a major role in metabolizing alcohol and keeping you body’s nutrients balanced. They’re designed for those of a legal drinking age, and obviously they do not give you a license to go wild (always drink responsibly!).

The Electro Nyte directions suggest taking one before going out, one every two hours while drinking, one before bed, and one to two the next morning. Since my plans involved walking around the city all day, then going out at night, I took one in the morning, one while imbibing, and one before bed. So basically, I didn’t even take the full recommended amount throughout the day.

The End Result

The next morning, I woke up feeling pretty much fine. No headache, no upset stomach. I was completely exhausted, but I did spend 9 hours walking around New York City during the parade, so that really could have had something to do with my being tired. I have to say, I’m really impressed with Electro Nyte. Like I said, I don’t go out often, but it’s nice to know that on the few occasions that I do indulge (or over-indulge), I can wake up the next morning and still be a functioning human being for the most part! It comes in Lemon-Lime flavor, and tastes pretty good! It has a really great after taste, which is a plus. You can either drink it straight like I did, or mix it into your beverage of choice.

Electro Nyte is sold at CVS Drug Stores and other chains nationwide. Or shop online and save 15% off your purchase  using promo code PO15 on the checkout pageof MY BODY SHOTS website, they will receive 15% off their purchase.

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How Electro Nyte Helped Me Survive St. Patrick's Day