I am just finishing up week 9 of the the Nutrisystem Success For Women plan, and I’m super exciting because I just broke one of my first goals. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far! In fact, I’ve lost so much that the jeans I bought right after Christmas are completely falling down now! On the one hand, I’m excited about this because it means I’m succeeding. On the other hand, though, jeans are expensive! I’ll have to invest in a belt until I get closer to my actual goal.

When I do reach my first goal of 25 pounds, I am definitely getting myself some new clothes. I’m not usually a fashion maven, but lately I’ve been following a lot of bloggers that have amazing fashion sense, and I’ve found myself pinning tons of outfits that I would love. I’m trying to move behind jeans and t-shirts these days. I’ve never been a major girly-girl, so this sudden desire to look cute is all new to me! So one way or another, come that 25-pound goal, I’m getting myself some cute new threads! What do you do to reward yourself when you reach a weight-loss goal?

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