If you’ve been reading the past few weeks, you may already know that I’m really trying to learn to take better pictures with my consumer-grade camera, so that one day I can justify saving up for an awesome one. I posted a bunch of unedited pictures about exploring the Poconos last week that showcased the best of the zillion shots I snapped that day.

While I was resizing pictures so they would fit on the site, I was also looking at other pictures on my memory card from the day that weren’t really quite as blog-worthy. I tried editing them slightly, to punch up the contrast or make them more visually appealing, but it didn’t work. Then I got all crazy and started messing with the hues, just randomly sliding the little bar back and forth. Turns out messing with nature is really fun! This is what I came up with. Let me know what you think!


This one I actually used in its original form, but thought it looked pretty neat after playing with it a bit too:

Obviously, they’re not great works of art or anything, but I thought they were still kind of pretty. I know anyone can mess with hues in Paint Shop, and my real goal is to create interesting pictures without having to change a thing post-processing. I also know that I can’t really achieve amazing effects with my current camera, which is why I’m focusing on learning how to use natural lighting and frame pictures so that they look good. Once I master those basics, I figure I’ll be ready to start thinking about more advanced stuff.

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