Earth Day Event Sponsor: TrueBody SoapThe ShePromotes Earth Day Event starts on April 12th, and features dozens of blogs giving away eco-friendly prize packages worth at least $25. TrueBody  is offering a lovely package with 10 of their soaps (2 3-packs of body soap and 2 2-packs of facial soaps) to my winner. They also sent me each type of soap to try out for myself. I have to say, these soaps are deceptively simple in appearance, because although they look like plain soap, they perform spectacularly. It is completely free of animal by-products, chemical preservatives, and synthetic ingredients. In fact, the body soap only contains five all-natural ingredients.

TrueBody Soap’s Five Simple Ingredients

  • Palm Oil- Used to cleanse skin and harden the soap into its form. The palm oil used in TrueBody soap is purchased only from sustainable sources.
  • Coconut Oil– I know from my mom’s soap-making days that coconut oil is one of the best ingredients to use in soap because it creates that nice lather and does a great job of cleansing without stripping your body’s natural oils.
  • Water– Necessary to dissolve the lye (pretty much all real bar soaps use lye, but it doesn’t remain in the final product).
  • Vegetable Glycerine- acts as a moisturizer
  • Citric Acid- plays a double role as a preservative and a natural skin astringent.

The facial soap contains all of the above ingredients, plus Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, and fruit of the Buriti tree to add extra moisturizing properties.

Our Opinion on TrueBody Soap

My boyfriend was actually the first to use the soap, and he wanted me to point out that the facial soap does a great job of removing all the oils that accumulate on your face during a hard day’s work. I tend to have the opposite problem, with my skin running on the dry side. The facial soap left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. The body soap really impressed me. As I said, this soap looks so simple-with no elaborate emblems or fancy edges-yet it works so incredibly well. It lathers up nicely, and doesn’t leave behind any icky film. I used it to shave my legs and it works much better than shaving cream. I’ve been getting nicked by my razors like crazy lately (I seriously need to invest in some decent razors!), but TrueBody soap helped even the cheapest razor glide across my legs without leaving me feeling like I was put through a shredder.

The soap left my skin feeling clean and moisturized. It’s unscented too,  so it doesn’t clash with my lotions and body sprays that I use after getting out of the shower. I would recommend this soap to anyone who wants an eco-friendly alternative that is as close to nature as possible. Be sure to check out TrueBody on Facebook and Twitter to follow their latest news.

Earth Day Event Sponsor: TrueBody Soap