Earth Day Green Giveaway Sponsor: Endangered Species ChocolateChocolate is my second-favorite substance on the planet (coffee, of course, is my favorite). Do you know what is even better than delicious, amazing chocolate? Chocolate that is also sustainable and supports a good cause, of course! Endangered Species Chocolate combines the best of both worlds- they make extraordinary chocolate bars using ethically-traded ingredients,  and they donate a portion of the proceeds to raising awareness about the environment, humanity, and all the  species on the planet.

Endangered Species Chocolate is sponsoring my giveaway in the Earth Day Green Giveaway event, and they were kind enough to send me a few bars to sample before the event goes live. I received: Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate with Cranberries and Almonds. I love the packaging! It’s so cute yet classy.

Earth Day Green Giveaway Sponsor: Endangered Species Chocolate


Of course, what’s inside the packaging is the real treat: pure, awesomely delicious, chocolate with all-natural flavorings. My favorite was the Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint. It’s just the right combination of rich chocolate and minty goodness. I was also pretty surprised at how much I liked the Cranberries and Almonds bar, as I’m really picky about what I perceive to be squishy bits in my chocolate. The cranberries weren’t overly squishy though, and they added an interesting texture and flavor. Knowing that my chocolate habit is helping to support the environment just made the experience so much richer.

About  Endangered Species Chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate was founded in 1993 (the year I graduated high school, I remember when they first came out actually!) to raise awareness about vanishing species on the planet. Over the years, however, the company came to realize that we’re all becoming “endangered,” and they expanded their mission to include all of humanity.

The chocolate in their products comes from small, family-owned farms and is grown in the shade of diverse forests. This encourages sustainability of both the farmers and the environment. The facility in which the chocolate is made runs on wind power, and the company goes above and beyond to ensure that every part of the process is as environmentally sound as possible. In fact, they’ve taken measures to lower their waste of material products to less than 2%, so just about everything gets used in the manufacturing process.

When you purchase Endangered Species Chocolate, 10% of the proceeds go towards non-profit organizations, like the African Wildlife Foundation and See Turtles, an ocean conservation organization. The company also has its own foundation that it uses to help cacao-farming communities.

Learn More

Visit Endangered Species Chocolate to learn more about their products and causes. Check out their Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up on news. Don’t forget to come back on April 9th to enter to win $25 worth of Endangered Species Chocolates in the Earth Day Green Giveaway event!