If you haven’t already seen it, the MomME Time Giveaway Event has started, and I still have one more sponsor to share with you. One of my awesome sponsors is Hallmark, the premier name in cards and gifts. I received the same prize package that my winner will receive: a Mom & Me Conversation Book, a Recordable Canvas Art Kit, and three cards. I’m not showing the cards here because I’m using them for my mom, as somehow they managed to send me the absolute most perfect cards that fit my personality.

MomAndMe ConvBook MomME Time Sponsor: Hallmark Recordables

Mom & Me Conversation Book from Hallmark

After looking through the Mom & Me Conversation book, I gave it to my mom to record with Jacob, so he can give it back to me for Mother’s Day. I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with. The book is awesome because it asks questions that range from the basics like “what do you want to be when you grow up,” to the totally absurd, such as “what is the grossest thing you would put on pizza?” We’re a big fan of the recordable books. Jacob has two of the Christmas ones from his god mother, and he loves to listen to her read to him even though she’s hundreds of miles away. I really think they help bridge distances and bring people closer together. Plus, this is something that I can keep forever. When Jake is a grown man, I can listen to it and remember exactly what he was like at age 6. Of course, right now I don’t even want to think about the day my baby grows up and moves out, but at least I’ll have plenty to remind me of his younger days.

raw1001 XL MomME Time Sponsor: Hallmark Recordables

Recordable Artwork: Canvas Art Kit

The Recordable Artwork Canvas Art Kit is such a cool idea too. Kids can paint a picture with the included paints, then record a message up to 40 seconds in length. I’m going to have Jake make this one for my mom. He loves creating art, and definitely loves to hear himself talk! The canvas itself is 8×8 inches, so there’s plenty of space to allow your child to unleash his creativity. When it comes to Mother’s Day, there is really nothing better than receiving a handmade gift from your little one. All of my favorite gifts were created by Jacob. You can find the Recordable Artwork in your local Hallmark store for $14.95.

Of course, Hallmark has a wide selection of Mother’s Day cards that fit any personality. I usually go for the witty ones myself, but you can opt for sentimental, simple, or hilarious. Be sure to check out Hallmark on Facebook to keep up with their latest news! They’re also on Twitter.

Review Disclaimer1 MomME Time Sponsor: Hallmark Recordables

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