Mother's Day Gift Idea Sponsor: Fun BitesThe Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Event is just a few days away. Are you excited? You should be! I have several really awesome prizes for you, including Fun Bites, the kitchen gadget that makes food more fun by turning it into little bite-size squares. Technically, Fun Bites are geared more towards kids, but they can be used for just about any type of food. You could even use them to create perfect cheese squares and other awesome platter arrangements for your next party!

I had a chance to try out Fun Bites for myself, and it really lives up to its name. I’ve mostly used it on Jake’s sandwiches. It works with just about any type of sandwich except peanut butter and fluff. The fluff does get caught up in it a bit. But then, that stuff attaches itself to just about everything. I also tried it out on a watermelon slice to see how it performs with foods that aren’t already pretty flat and squarish. Check it out:

I cut the watermelon into slices. I think I made them a little too flat, I could have gone a bit thicker. Still, it was my first attempt and I wanted it to be as easy as possible.

Mother's Day Gift Idea Sponsor: Fun Bites

Press on the watermelon with the Fun Bites cutter, rock it back and forth, then use the other piece to pop out the pieces. It’s a simple two-step process, and the popper part keeps your hands clean.

Mother's Day Gift Idea Sponsor: Fun Bites

The results: pretty close to perfect squares. The sandwiches and other foods were a little easier to work with, but I still think the watermelon came out pretty awesome considering it’s mostly water.

Fun Bites also comes in a pink version that creates heart-shaped foods made up of 10 geometric shapes. It’s a BPA-free product, so you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals getting into your child’s food. Fun Bites was invented by a mom as a way to convince her very picky child to eat different foods. Jake is also an incredibly picky eater, and he definitely seems more perceptive to foods in bite-size format or entertaining shapes than he is to regular foods.

Buy It: Buy Fun Bites online and get free shipping using coupon code: MayFlowers. Fun Bites retails for $12.99 each, or you can get both the square and heart-shaped one for $19.99.

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