Mother's Day Gift Idea Sponsor: Neat Zori SandalsThe Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Giveaway Event, hosted by Makobi Scribe, begins on May 1st, and I have a few really awesome prizes for you! The first is a really cool pair of sandals that will both comfort your feet and have you ready for summer in no time. The Neat Zori Orthotic Sandals provide extra support to help prevent tired, achy feet without sacrificing style.

I received a pair of the tan sandals for review, and they’re exceptionally comfy. I walked around my house in them for a bit since it’s suddenly too cold outside for sandals (despite the fact that it was like 90 degrees less than two weeks ago!). I love how they rise up a bit in the middle to provide more support for my arches. They don’t slide off at all, which is important to me because I’m really clumsy in flip-flips. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m clumsy in just about anything! As much as I adore them, though, I decided to be a nice daughter and give them to my mom after the initial test run. She broke her leg a few years ago, and since then she’s had a lot of discomfort walking for too long. She tried them on when they arrived and thought they were really comfortable, so hopefully they’ll help make her summer walking a little more pleasant.

Mother's Day Gift Idea Sponsor: Neat Zori SandalsThe Neat Zori Orthotic Sandals are designed to reduce stress on your arches, metatarsals,and heels. The ergonomic design can also help alleviate back pain. They’re made of high-quality rubber materials, and the toe strap is super strong so it’s not going to wear out after a few weeks of wearing them every day. Neat Zori Sandals are designed with the sporty individual in mind. Feel free to get them wet, they’ll dry quickly while allowing your feet to breathe at the same time. They come in tan for those looking for neutral colors, and a fun red colors for the more adventurous.

Buy them: Purchase Neat Zori Sandals online in sizes 6-12 for $55, including free shipping.

Win Them: Come back on May 1st and enter my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas giveaway for a chance to win your choice of red or tan Neat Zori Orthotic Sandals and other great prizes.

Mother's Day Gift Idea Sponsor: Neat Zori Sandals