ShePromotes Earth Day Event Sponsor: Gaiam Tree Of Life Stainless Steel BottleThe ShePromotes Earth Day Event starts on April 12th, and features dozens of blogs giving away eco-friendly prize packages worth at least $25. One of my sponsors in the event is Gaiam, the fitness company responsible for many awesome workout DVD’s, fitness, products, fair-trade items, and more. They are offering up their beautiful Tree of Life Stainless Steel Water Bottle to the winner of my giveaway. Gaiam was kind enough to send me the same water bottle to check out before the giveaway goes live.

I’m trying to reduce the amount of plastic that I use in my daily life, both for the sake of the environment and because of the chemical makeup of plastic bottles. It only seems logical to assume that some of those chemicals will leech into my water, and that just can’t be healthy. Going the stainless steel route just seems like a better idea. In fact, the tag attached to the Gaiam Tree of Life Stainless Steel water bottle offers several reasons for exactly why it’s a better idea.

Why Go With Stainless Steel Versus Plastic?

  • Nearly all of the plastic water bottles used in the US end up in landfill. Only about 14% actually make it to recycling centers, or get reused in some way. That’s a lot of plastic sitting around! Just how long does it linger in those landfills? Approximately 1000 years!
  • All those plastic water bottles that you buy in cases at the grocery store have to be transported from place to place, right? Well, all that transporting burns up a whopping 1.5 million barrels of precious fossil fuels every single year.
  • As I already mentioned, stainless steel bottles help keep your body free of nasty plastic residues.
  • The stainless steel water bottles are free of BPA, and are 100% recyclable.

The Tree of Life Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Aside from being beautiful enough to look fashionable on any hiker’s belt or backpack, the Tree of Life Stainless Steel water bottle from Gaiam is completely leak-proof. While water is the best possible thing to drink on any outdoor adventure, you can use it for just about any beverage. It’s relatively light-weight considering that it’s made of steel, so it won’t weigh down your backpack too much. I really like the little hook on the top that makes it easy to attach to hiking gear, which ultimately makes it more accessible. There’s little more annoying than having to dig through your backpack to find a drink when you’re dying of thirst during a hike!

Be sure to come back on April 12th to enter my Earth Day Event giveaway. In the meantime, check out Gaiam on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their news.


ShePromotes Earth Day Event Sponsor: Gaiam Tree Of Life Stainless Steel Bottle