For over 40 years, Nutrisystem has been the leader in home-delivered meal systems for weight loss. I must have been living in a cave, I actually thought it only came on the scene a few years ago, maybe a decade tops. Even after four months on the Success for Women Plan, I’m still learning new things. Did you know that Nutrisystem foods are low glycemic index meals? I just learned that recently too. My mom was on a low glycemic kick for a while. Well, actually, she was on a “learn about it and keep saying we’re going to try the recipes soon” kick. We never did get around to making out own meals.

I tend to have weird sudden drops in my blood sugar. I’m not technically hypoglycemic because my sugar was fine when I did the blood test, but I have a home testing unit from when my cat was diabetic (we used the same type that on her that humans use to test their sugar), and at its worst my sugar dipped down to 45. I know when its coming because I get clammy, shaky, and really out of it.

Eating low GI foods, like those on the Nutrisystem plans, help keep my sugar at a normal level because they don’t create that rapid rise and fall that high GI foods can. I can grab a yummy chocolate chip scone or double chocolate muffin in the morning before I head out for the day, and feel confident that I’m not going to faint within two hours of eating it. That’s always a good thing!

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