Nutrisystem Week 16: Eating After Surgery #NSNationThis is my 16th week on the the Nutrisystem Success For Women plan, and it wasn’t exactly a great one. I had a laparoscopy on Tuesday, and I was totally out of it that whole day so I honestly have no idea what I ate. For all I know, I could have gone off my usual non-beef-eating diet and eaten a cow! Wednesday was pretty much a wash too. By Thursday, I was pretty much back to normal though, so I tried to follow my diet. The good thing about Nutrisystem is that it’s so easy to just grab a tasty, healthy lunch bar or heat up a yummy pizza, so I didn’t have to worry about trying to put together a meal for myself.

I’m not really sure where I’m at weight-loss wise this week because I’m still really all bloated from the surgery. I was down about 17 pounds total, but the scale says I’m up three pounds right now. Again, I’m pretty sure that’s from all the weird gas stuff they shoot into you so they can expand your organs. Fun stuff! Not really. Hopefully next week I can start exercising a bit again, which will get me back on track.

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