Welcome to this week’s Pin Me Pinterest hop, hosted by Matter of Cents and Views from the ‘Ville.The theme is Season Finales, and I should warn you again in case you didn’t notice it in the title, this post contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched the season finales for the shows that I’m highlighting, I suggest you just scan to look at the pictures and come back after you’re all caught up.

Most of the shows I watch either ended last week or are ending this week. I’m a TV junkie, so there are a lot, but I narrowed it down to a few of my favorites (or most frustrating) season finales.


Bones ended its 7th season with our favorite rational forensic scientist grabbing her baby and heading off on the run, leaving Booth behind to try to clean up the mess created by a murderous hacker. Bones was framed for murder, and it was a darn good frame job! All the evidence points to her being responsible for the death of her mentally unstable friend who was helping on the hacker case. We finally got Bones and Booth together this season, and now they’re torn apart already. I hope they resolve this early next season and we don’t end up with 20 episodes of Bones on the run.


Once Upon a Time
First, let me just say that I am so relieved this show got picked up for another season. It’s a little nerve-wracking to invest time in a new show only to have it pulled by the network without warning. In the first season finale of Once Upon a Time, Emma finally had no choice but to believe in Henry and break the curse. Poor little Henry was laying on his death bed after eating a poisoned apple turnover meant for his birth mom. The evil queen shows her soft side when she thinks she’s going to lose the one being she may actually care about, but at the last moment, as the magic is pouring through the forest, we see that evil really can’t change its nature.


Fringe has given us some really crazy season finales in the past, and I was a little nervous when Olivia was shot in the head by Walter to stop the universes from collapsing. I thought for sure they were going to pull some sort of amnesia trick on us, making us suffer through months of Olivia forgetting Peter again or something. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Instead, Olivia announced that she was pregnant, which kind of makes sense considering the weird random “in the not-so distant future” episode. The show ended with an announcement that “they” were coming. I’m thinking we’re going to see a lot more Observer action next season. This episode also featured Leonard Nimoy as Bell, which was a nice surprise considering he announced he was done with TV a few years ago.


Oh, Ducky, say it isn’t so! The season finale of NCIS almost ended with a bang, leaving us wondering if all our beloved characters made it out of the building in time to avoid an explosive death. But in the end, it ended more with a whisper, as we saw Ducky take a phone call while walking along the beach, clutch his chest, and wind up almost face-down along the shore as water lapped over his face. It seems like they’ve been leading up to the end of Ducky all season, what with his almost depressed attitude and assigning Gibbs the executor of his estate. Will Jimmy end up finding Ducky in time to save him, or is this the end of our beloved Dr. Mallard?


Criminal Minds
I think this was one of my favorite episodes on Criminal Minds so far. I thought for sure poor Will was a goner from the moment they showed him in the opener. After all, we rarely get to see the man these days! I loved watching JJ kick the evil Izzy’s butt towards the end. Never mess with a Mama Bear! Thankfully, Will survived and he and JJ got their happy ending at an impromptu wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, Emily announced that she’s leaving again. I thought that was the cliffhanger, but it turns out Paget Brewster has decided to leave the show, most likely for good this time. I’m disappointed, but as long as they don’t get rid of JJ again, I’ll survive. I’ll tell you what, though, if they ever get rid of Reid, the show is getting deleted off my DVR list!