Summer Backyard Blast Sponsor: Hint WaterAlthough I know that I should be drinking like eight glasses of water a day, the truth is I just don’t like plain water most of the time. Occasionally, it’s a good, refreshing beverage, but most of the time the sheer blandness of it makes my stomach churn. I need a little something to make it more palatable, and Hint Water gives that to me.

Now that summer is pretty much unofficially here, we’ll all be spending a lot more time outdoors. During the summer months, drinking water becomes more important than ever. Between the heat and the increased physical activity, you are more likely to dehydrate. While sports drinks, iced tea, soda, and lemonade are all fine and dandy, nothing replaces your fluids quite like water. If you’re like me and can’t stand the plain stuff, Hint Water, as the name suggests, adds just a tiny taste of flavor to help make it go down easier.

I tried the Raspberry-Lime, Pomegranite-Tangerine, and the Watermelon flavors, and all were pretty awesome. I love that the flavor isn’t overwhelming or sickeningly sweet like some flavored waters. Hint Water contains no artificial colors, dyes, or flavors. It’s also completely devoid of calories, which is important for those of us on a diet!  It’s as refreshing as plain water, but not as bland or boring. I highly recommend it for quenching your thirst anytime of the year, but especially in the roasting hot days of summer.  Hint Water makes the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue or day at the beach.

Summer Backyard Blast Prize Contribution

Summer Backyard Blast Sponsor: Hint WaterSummer Backyard Blast, a ShePromotes giveaway event, begins on June 1st. It will feature over 100 blogs, each giving away their own idea of great outdoor prizes. Hint Water is one of my sponsors, and they will be providing my winner with a case of their lightly flavored waters. Be sure to come back on June 1st to enter. In the meantime, check out Hint Water on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all their latest news.






Summer Backyard Blast Sponsor: Hint Water