Father's Day Gift Ideas Sponsor: Radio Shack Enercell Portable Power BankI am horrible at remembering to charge my various -powered gadgets. My MP3 player often suddenly dies mid-song because I forget to turn it off when I get out of the car, my cell phone chirps out in pain, begging to be plugged in so it can get some more life, and my camera dies while I’m snapping pictures of moments I would love to remember one day. The problem is, I just have too many gadgets and not enough brain power to remember to charge them all. The Enercell Portable Power Bank helps me out when I really need one of those gadgets to work for just a little while longer until I can get it home and on the charger.

Features of the Enercell Portable Power Bank

  • Provides up to four hours of extra talk or play time on your gadgets.
  • Comes with a USB-to-mini USB cable, Mini-to-micro adapter, andApple Cable (for your iPhone and iPads).
  • Charges  through the USB port on your computer in about 3 hours from empty to full.
  • Output voltage 5.0 +/- 0.25V, output current 1000mA (max), with a capacity of 1350mAh (I have no ideas what any of that means, but it sounds like important information!)

I used my Enercell Portable Power Bank the day after it arrived in the mail. It came with a full charge, and on my way out the door to an all-day yard sale, I realized that I had forgotten to charge my phone the night before. Since I knew I was going to have to get in touch with Sal to arrange to meet up with him, and with our friend in the evening to pick us up, I had to have a way to charge my phone. I tossed the Enercell in my bag and hoped for the best.

While at the yard sale, I fished out the right adapter and threw my phone on the Enercell for an hour. It charged my phone (remember, I have a below average intelligence phone, not one of those fancy smart ones!) perfectly. The next day, my MP3 player died mid-song, as it usually does. I plugged it into the Enercell and it simultaneously charged my player while allowing me to continue using it. So far, it’s saved my butt (or at least my listening pleasure) three times, and I’ve only been using it for a week. Plus it’s still going on that original charge.

Of course, I still have to remember to charge it, which seems to be my downfall with gadgets, but at least I only have to really remember to charge one thing and I’m good to go. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who uses so many USB-powered devices that they couldn’t possibly remember to charge all of them at once, or anyone who just wants to make sure they have some backup power on hand.

Father's Day Gift Ideas Sponsor: Radio Shack Enercell Portable Power Bank