Father's Day Gift Ideas Sponsor: VTech Connect to Cell Phone SystemI can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my cell phone ringing, rushed around the house trying to locate it, only to have it stop before I could dig it out of the bottom of my purse. It seems to be a constant event when I’m at home. When I’m out and about, at least my purse is usually attached to me in some way and I can find it before it stops, but at home, I could be anywhere in the house when it starts ringing. The VTech Connect to Cell Answering System with Caller ID and Call Waiting is a fantastic solution to the problem.

The concept behind the VTech Connect to Cell is really simple, yet totally brilliant. Use your phones bluetooth to connect to the base, then when your cell phone rings, the VTech phones ring as well. Use those instead of your cell, and you’ll never have to dig around in the bottom of your purse (or briefcase, since this is for Father’s Day and men don’t really like when you refer to their handbag as a purse). It literally took me less than a minute to connect my phone to the base, and I don’t even have one of those intellectual phones! I tested it out right away, and although there is a very mild delay, the sound was crystal clear.

Features of the VTech Connect to Cell Phone System

  • Make and receive both landline and cell phone calls from the same phone.
  • Store up to 200 contacts from either or both phones, so you don’t need to punch in every single number to the new phone.
  • No more dead spots in your house! Just leave the base in the spot where your cell phone coverage rocks, and roam throughout the house without worrying about dropped calls.
  • The Caller ID stores up to 50 calls
  • Comes with Call Waiting, so you don’t miss any important calls.
  • Press a button and turn your handset into a speakerphone. Great for when you’re stuck on hold, just put it on speaker and get back to surfing the net, then pick up the phone when the other party finally gets around to answering.
  • Comes with an Eco-Mode to conserve energy.
  • Intercom between headsets lets you talk to people in another room without shouting through the walls.

The VTech Connect to Cell Answering System with 2 handsets is definitely a must for any mom or dad who works at home, or for anyone who is tired of missing calls due to a phone at the bottom of their bag. VTech will be a sponsor in the Father’s Day Gift Ideas giveaway, and my winner will take home this very same system valued at $59.95. Come back on June 10th to enter. In the mean time, check out VTech Phones on Facebook and Twitter.

Father's Day Gift Ideas Sponsor: VTech Connect to Cell Phone System