Loving Your Pet Sponsor: KONG Premium DogTreatsThe Loving Your Pet giveaway event, hosted by Two Little Cavaliers, starts on July 1st and features over 40 blogs each giving away pet-related goodies worth at least $20. I have a few really wonderful sponsors for you, and I’ll be writing about them over the next week. The first one is KONG Premium Dog Treats, who are offering four bags of their delicious (according to my dogs, I didn’t taste them!) premium treats for your dog.

When the package arrived on our doorstep filled with Kong treats, my alpha dog, Maia, said “Finally! This blogging stuff that takes you away from properly admiring and serving me 24/7 pays off for the canine units in the house!” The princess, Tasha asked “Is there anything soft in there?” and Cooper, the lowly court jester in our totem of animals, simple asked “Is it food? Cooper loves food!” Actually, they all really just said “woof,” and it may have been directed at the delivery man, who in their eyes, may or may not be a serial killer, but I could tell by the tone of their bark that they were also excited to be a blogger’s dogs at that moment.

Loving Your Pet Sponsor: KONG Premium DogTreatsNow, like I said, I didn’t actually taste-test the treats myself, so I can’t very well attest to their flavor, but considering that all four bags are depleted already, I’d say my dogs were rather pleased. We received:

KONG Chewy Treats

  • Meat Stix- Beef
  • Thick Cut Jerky- Turkey
  • Mini Meaty Bites- Chicken
  • KONG Crunchy Treats Flavor Bars- Chicken

The mini bites are perfect for stuffing in a Kong toy if you have one, and they’re all just the right size for treat time. If you have a smaller dog, you may consider breaking the jerky and sticks in half for them. I’m a big dog person, so I’m not really sure what the small guys eat.

Loving Your Pet Sponsor: KONG Premium DogTreats

The Queen Bee, Miss Alpha herself, waiting for her royal treats.

Just what is so special about KONGPremium Treats? Well, for starters, they contain no wheat, corn, or soy. All of the treats contain a minimum of ingredients, and feature whole foods like chicken, beef, fruits, and vegetables.  They contain no other animal byproducts.KONG Premium treats are also naturally preserved and contain nothing artificial. If you’re watching your dog’s diet and trying to avoid grain-packed treats, these are ideal. They’re great for training too, although my canine crew is well beyond the training years. Although, I do use the treats to get them in the house when they’re barking at the stray cats next door.

BUY THEM: KONG Premium Treats are sold at Pet Supplies Plus, on Amazon, and at select other retailers. Visit the Jakk’s Pacific (KONG’s parent company) Kong Products website to learn more.

WIN THEM: Come back on July 1st and enter the Loving Your Pet giveaway for a chance to win the same four treats that my dogs received, a total suggested retail value of $35.96.  In the mean time, check out Jakk’s Pacific’s Facebook and Twitter pages for news about KONG and their other awesome products.

Loving Your Pet Sponsor: KONG Premium DogTreats