Team Umizoomi: UmiGames DVD ReviewTeam Umizoomi: UmigamesTeam Umizoomi: UmiGames DVD Review released on DVD on June 5th, and it’s a hit with both the preschool and young school-age set. Jacob has watched it at least 10 times since we received it for review a couple of weeks ago.  The UmiGames are Umizoomi’s equivalent of the Summer Olympics, which are happening this year in London. It’s a great DVD to get your kids excited for the real Olympics, or to put on in another room for younger children who just aren’t interested in the real thing.

For those who have never seen it, Team Umizoomi is a Nick Jr. show that focuses on educating children about the wonderful world of math. Milli, Geo, and Bot, the characters on the show, help children learn to solve a different type of math problem in every episode. Concepts include counting, measuring, comparisons, patterns, shapes, and more. It’s a great, interactive way to get kids interested in learning more about how math affects our lives. I’ve always been horrible at math, but Jacob already seems to be showing a talent for it, so I’m grateful for shows that can encourage his left brain a bit.

Team Umizoomi: UmiGames Episodes

  • The Umi Sports Games: Team Umizoomi is joining in the Umi Sports Games, where they have to beat robots designed to play different sports.
  • Boardwalk Games: Milli, Geo, and Bot help their friend Ryan try to win a helicopter in the boardwalk games. They’re kind of like carnival games, so you know they have to be difficult!
  • Crazy Skates:  Bot accidentally puts on red Crazy Skates and now he can’t stop skating. The team has to get together to find a way to stop him.
  • Carnival: While Jake is at the carnival with his school, he looses his favorite stuffed bunny. He asks the team for help, and they have to retrace their steps through the entire carnival to find it.

Jacob says his favorite part is where they beat all the games, and they win the Umi Trophy. He also loves that they got to play soccer because apparently I have deprived him of this sport, and he thinks it’s cool. He liked the ending because the soccer robots say “good game,” which shows good sportsmanship. I added that last part, he just said he liked the robots saying that. After watching the video, keep the fun going by heading over to Nick Jr. for some Team Umizoomi activities, recipes, and more fun.


Team Umizoomi: UmiGames DVD Review