If you have an older child getting ready to embark on the college adventure , chances are you’ve spend some time thinking about the care packages to plan to send to make their time away a little more bearable. I still have many years go to before Jacob leaves me, but I can tell you from experience that care packages do make all the difference to a college student.

When I went away for a semester to a college in the farmlands of PA, my grandmother used to send me boxes every couple of weeks filled with Easy Cheese, crackers, hot cocoa, quarters for my laundry, and other goodies. I looked forward to them not just for the treats inside, but because I knew it meant she was thinking of me.

Of course, back then (nearly 20 years ago, egads!), there weren’t services available like mygofer to handle grocery delivery all the way out to Mansfield PA from Scranton PA. If there was such a service, she probably would have sent me an entire grocery store worth of stuff.

I love this infographic, “Loved or Snubbed,” because even though it uses humor to get a point across, it really it true. On the weeks in between care packages, I totally ate dry noodles! Well, maybe not dry, but there were days that I lived off of whatever cereal and dry foods I could snag from the cafeteria on campus. There’s also no way my laundry would have gotten done without those quarters!

A Mother's Care (Package) Makes College Students More Successful

mygofer makes it easy for you to shop online for a myriad of different items, from groceries to pet supplies. Order online, have it delivered anywhere you want, or go to the store and pick it up. The pickup service is free, so you could place an order for your college student from your home and they could run to Kmart to pick it all up in their college town.  That way, you can save the shipping fees and throw in that expensive can of spray cheese you know they’re craving!


A Mother's Care (Package) Makes College Students More Successful