Back to School Giveaway Sponsor: ContigoOver the last year and a half of Pretty Opinionated’s existence, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Contigo several times. They were one of the first companies to give this little blog a chance at reviewing something for them, and they’re such a pleasure to work with. I tell you all that because it just speaks to the type of company they are, and how much they care about their customers. They also care about putting out high quality products, which is why I’m always so thrilled to work with them.

The very first product I ever reviewed with them was the AutoSeal Kids Trekker Cup. My son used that cup day in and day out for over a year, and it only recently just started to lose its seal power. That’s pretty impressive! I’m talking he used it probably at least three times a day. It’s been through the dishwasher countless times, scrubbed with a scrub brush, and everything. It is the only kids cup that lasted that long. Thankfully, Contigo sent me another one for this review, so I don’t have to give it up anytime soon!

The Spill-Proof AutoSeal Kids Trekker

I can’t say enough good things about the AutoSeal Kids Trekker Cup. Like I said, it held up to a year’s worth of abuse from my son. The AutoSeal technology really does what it promises. This cup will not leak on you, even if you flip it upside and shake it vigorously (Jake likes his chocolate milk shaken, not stirred, just like James Bond). This is the perfect cup to send with your kids’ lunches, or for their after-school drink. It’s also great for transitioning kids from sippy cups to big kid cups.  At $6.99, the cost is comparable to other cups you would find on the market, but with how long it lasts and how well it performs, I’d be willing to pay even more, and I’m notoriously cheap!

Kids Stainless Steel Scout Food Jar

I also received the Kids Stainless Steel Scout Food Jar, and I’m thrilled to have an easy yet cute option for sending hot or cold  food to school with Jake. It’s vacuum sealed, so it keeps food at the right temp (hot or cold) for 5 hours. Most kids eat lunch well before 5 hours into their day, so as long as you pack it before they leave, it’ll be just right. The lid uses easy-grip technology, which means little hands won’t have a hard time opening it. Like the Kids Trekker Cup, the whole design is leak-proof and of high quality. The Scout Food Jar won’t fail you halfway through the year.

Highest Safety Standards

Contigo’s products are BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free. All materials are FDA approved, so you know they’re safe for your little ones. Aside from the Kids Trekker cup, I’ve also been using one of their insulated coffee cups and the Kangaroo water bottle for some time now, and I can tell you that so far nothing has flaked, chipped, dented, or in any way degraded. I once had a stainless steel water bottle from another place that, out of the blue, all the paint peeled off around the rim. That was scary, especially since it was designed for children. With Contigo, I feel a lot more secure that their products are totally safe.


Come back on August 5th and enter the Back to School giveaway to win both the AutoSeal Kids Trekker Mug and the Scout Food Jar, along with other great prizes. In the meantime, check out Contigo on Facebook. They always have great promotions going on!

Back to School Giveaway Sponsor: Contigo