Eat Out On a Tight Budget with NerdWallet

Back before I was broke, I used to eat out at restaurants all the time. I’m talking probably four nights a week, plus breakfast and lunch sometimes. I’ve been to just about every single eatery in my area, and I live in a tourist trap, so that’s a lot of place to eat! Then my finances sort of crashed and eating out became a rare occasion. Looking back, I probably could have stayed in the black a lot longer if I didn’t spend so much time eating out at restaurants. Still, it was fun while it lasted! Now, I only get to go out once in a while. With NerdWallet’s Restaurant coupons, though, at least I know I can find decent savings and make sure my money goes as far as possible when I do get to go out to eat.

One of the best ways to save money while dining out is through Just about everyone already knows that. You can get some amazing deals, like $25 gift certificates for as little as $2 if you buy them during one of their promotions. With NerdWallet, though, you can get even more savings on certificates. The site pulls all the extra deals, like 24% cash back on top of the savings you’re already getting, and puts them in one convenient location. That way, you can scan the list and say “hey, I have that airlines card” or “I have an account at that cash back site!” Then you just have to click “redeem” and you’ll be on your way to extra savings.

Of course, NerdWallet doesn’t just cover restaurant coupons, they have a wide range of categories, from Food and Wine to Toys to Military Shopping. Each one gives you a fairly comprehensive list of all the different deals you can take advantage of. If you would rather just sort by deals that pertain to rewards cards that you already have, you can do that too. They have a great section for UPromise deals too, so you can wrack up money for your child’s education while getting the things you need. When it comes to saving money, every little bit helps!

The site is so easy to use and has such a clean design. No clutter, no jumping through hoops to find savings. Just good deals all the time.

Note: This post was written on behalf of NerdWallet. As usual, all opinions are my own.