I’m not living a gluten-free lifestyle, per se, but I am trying to eat healthier overall, and sometimes taking the gluten out of your diet can be beneficial even if you don’t have a medical condition that demands it. If you’re not really sure exactly what gluten is (I was pretty clueless), it’s basically the stuff in bread that makes it chewy and sticky. For those with celiac disease or some other type of gluten intolerance, it can cause serious issues ranging from stomach pain or bloating to life-threatening allergic reactions.

With more and more people suffering from conditions that require them to remove gluten from their diets, finding delicious gluten-free foods shouldn’t be as hard as it is. Fortunately, Udi’s Gluten-Free products makes it a little easier!

Udi's Gluten-Free

I recently received an awesome VIP package filled with Udi’s goodies, including their new hot dog and hamburger buns and a variety of cookies. Udi’s using their own blend of tapioca starch, brown rice, and potato starch to create the chewy texture that you’re used to in your buns, and the result is a bun that doesn’t sacrifice on texture. I’ll be honest, I think the buns take a little getting used to because they’re a bit different than the buns I usually eat. I think when you change your diet, though, there is always going to be an adjustment period.

The cookies, on the other hand, are simply outstanding! My favorite are the Snickerdoodle cookies, which taste exactly like they are supposed to- all cinnamon and sugary and delicious. My second favorite is a toss-up between the Chocolate Chip cookies and the Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites. Both are scrumptiously chocolatey and definitely satisfy my sweet tooth. Those with soy or nut allergies can also indulge in these goodies, since they’re free of both of those ingredients.

Recipes for Every Occasion

The Udi’s website has a great section filled with Gluten-Free Recipes for just about any occasion. I was pretty amazed at how much you can do with Udi’s products. Since July is National Hot Dog month, they currently have tons of really creative ways to make your hot dog more interesting, from Pizza Dogs to Guacamole creations. Personally, I’m really looking forward to trying out their Cherry Chocolate Brownie Sundae using the dark chocolate brownie bites.

Connect with Udi’s

Visit Udi’s online to learn more about their gluten-free products and purchase locations. Udi’s is now available in 150 Walmart stores nationwide, as well as at select Wegmans and natural food stores. Visit Udi’s on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news, special deals, and new recipes.


Go Gluten-Free In Good Taste With Udi's