Keep Kids Safe Online with KidsEmail.orgRaising kids in this technologically advanced age can be a little daunting. We didn’t have computers, email addresses, cyber stalkers, or anything else like that growing up. When it comes to playing outside, climbing trees, and mending scrapes, my own childhood pretty well prepared me for Jacob. On the other hand, when it comes to dangers online, I have no frame of reference. We’re all basically flying blind here.

At seven, Jacob already knows his way around browsers, games, search engines, and other computer tools. He wants his own email address, and he’s not content with one that just has his name on it that I have complete control over. He wants to be able to log in and check it himself. I don’t really need my kid opening his email and seeing advertisements for medications that enlarge certain body parts. Sadly, that’s some of the most mild forms of spam. Every day, I’m bombarded with stuff that even makes me blush a little, and I’m far from prudish. offers a solution that works great for both kids and parents.

Features of

Using is pretty easy. Just sign up as a parent, then set up an account for each child. You  control who contacts them, who they’re allowed to write to, and what safety features you want to use. You can even opt to have a copy of the messages forwarded on to you. Other features include:

  • Removing images from incoming emails
  • Removing links from incoming emails
  • Allowing or excluding different types of attachments
  • Filtering out bad words
  • Adding a tagline to sent mail to alert recipient that the email came from a child
  • Different settings for kids, including super-easy modes and more advanced teen modes.

From the Parental Controls center, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing messages, “ground” your child from using email, and set time restrictions. gives you complete and total control over the account while giving your children the chance to have their own email address.Kids can choose from a variety of really cute themes. Jacob, of course, went with the puppy.

Keep Kids Safe Online with

Sign up for a 30-day free trial to explore all the options and find out if is right for you and your child. After the 30-day trial, if you decide to keep it, it’s just $4.95 per month for up to 4 accounts. Need more accounts or want to sign up longer? is running a special: get 13 months for up to 6 accounts for $38.95. That’s $2.99 per month.