Tail Towns Friends Changes the Face of Social Gaming + GiveawayFacebook is more than just a social networking tool, it’s a virtual playground for casual gamers. I admit, I jumped on board with just about every new game that came out, and for a while was spending more time cleaning up my virtual farm than my real house! Now, I pretty much limit my game time to a few minutes a day, so I’ve cut out a lot of the apps that weren’t really anything special. I just started playing Tail Towns Friends for this campaign, though, and I can tell already that it’s something entirely different. It’s  the next evolution in Facebook gaming!

What Makes Tail Towns Friends Different?

Tail Towns Friends Changes the Face of Social Gaming + Giveaway

  • First, the artwork is simply stunning. It’s almost photographic in nature and really allows you to see your garden and landscape come to life. The picture above is an example of what you can create. My garden is still in the beginning stages and no where near that pretty yet!
  • Gameplay is similar to other games when it comes to completing goals and getting friends to help you expand, but the ongoing story is more like a serial drama. It gives you an incentive to advance in the storyline, because you’ll actually want to know what happens next.
  • The most unique part of the game is the integrations with the collectibles. You can actually buy real little figurines that go with the game, then register the code and get rewards in the game. The figures are really cute too, depicting the different animal characters from the game.
  • In addition to bonuses, each figure also unlocks hidden story lines.
  • The conversation in the game is actually intelligent and meaningful. The characters may look like cute little animals, but they’re rather philosophical at times and capable of witty conversation.  One of my favorite quotes comes from the character Rene: ““But then things got..complicated. Like a Rubik’s Cube wrapped in a Sudoku covered in Duct Tape.”

Tail Towns Friends is free to play, and you don’t need to purchase the figurines to enjoy the game. Like most games on Facebook, the more friends you can get on board to help you, the easier it is to advance quickly through the game. Once you get past the initial missions and clear your land a bit, you can basically create the ultimate country getaway in the game.

Win A Tail Towns Friends Figurine

Tail Towns Friends Changes the Face of Social Gaming + GiveawayOne reader will win a Tail Towns Friends Figurine from the first series. This giveaway is a little different as per sponsors request. To enter, you must describe your ‘dream garden’ or ‘country getaway’ in a tweet using the HASHTAG #TailTowns. When you’re done, just come back and leave a comment with your tweet URL. That’s it! I’m trying to make it as easy as possible since it’s a little different from the usual giveaways on Pretty Opinionated. Giveaway is open to US Residents age 18+, and ends on 8/2 at 11:59PM.


My dream garden has loads of daisies, stone statues and a hedge maze! #TailTowns




Tail Towns Friends Changes the Face of Social Gaming + Giveaway