Heart product 800x800 main large Back to School Spree Sponsor: FunBitesI’ve been using FunBites to add a little excitement to my son’s food since back in April, when I first reviewed the Cube It Funbites for a Mother’s Day giveaway event. FunBites was kind enough to sponsor the upcoming Back to School Spree event (starts August 17th) for me as well, and they sent me their Luv It FunBites food cutter to try out. This one makes a heart out of geometric shapes! Fun, right?

FunBites Rocks Because…

  • They make food more fun, which may entice your picky eaters to give something new a try.
  • They add a little excitement to Back to School lunches.
  • A real mom invented it to solve a problem with her own picky kids. I love mom-centric companies and supporting smaller businesses, and especially enjoy seeing those small businesses become a smashing success.
  • They’re made in the USA, which means they help the economy by keeping jobs in the States.
  • They’re BPA-free!
  • You can throw them on the top rack of the dishwasher to get them clean. If you do decide to clean them by hand, they’re surprisingly easy to wash, even when you use them to cut peanut butter and fluff!

How to Use FunBites

FunBites is really easy to use. Just select your food (it doesn’t have to be square-shaped, but that does help) and set it on a hard surface. Place the cutter part over the food and rock back and forth.

100 3981 Back to School Spree Sponsor: FunBites

Use the Popper piece to pop out the shapes (that way you don’t have to handle the food with your hands!)

100 3982 Back to School Spree Sponsor: FunBites

That’s it! The only thing left to do is pack up your child’s lunch with their fun-shaped sandwich or other healthy meal.

100 3984 Back to School Spree Sponsor: FunBites

Buy It: Buy Fun Bites online. Fun Bites retails for $12.99 each, or you can get both the square and heart-shaped one for $22.00.

Win It: Come back on August 17th for the Back to School Spree Giveaway event and enter to win Fun Bites. In the meantime, check them out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news and deals.

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