Review + GiveawayI love technology. Before my son was born, I used to keep up with everything from the latest processor to the coolest new photo-editing software. After Jacob came into the world, I could no longer stay up until 5am reading about everything technological, and I quickly started falling behind. Now, I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t even tell you which version we’re on for PhotoShop, let alone how to use all the features. Since started Pretty Opinionated and getting into the world of site design, I’ve really wanted to learn more about all the different ways to make my pictures, site, and social networking presence stand out a bit more. makes the learning experience much easier.

With more than 80,000 lessons and tutorials on covering just about everything from creating forms in Acrobat X to learning how to market yourself on Twitter, I can take a new lesson every day and still not  watch them all by the end of the year. I couldn’t decide where to start because there is just so much I want to learn, so I figured I should start with something really easy: WordPress Essential Training.

Since I’m using WordPress to write this blog, obviously I have some ability to navigate the blogging platform, right? Well, that’s really all I have: SOME ability. I know how to find my dashboard, schedule posts, add plug-ins, change my theme, and edit the settings. I’m learning as I go along. I want to learn more, plus I want to know if there are easier ways to accomplish the things that I think I already know how to do well.

The WordPress Essential Training lesson is broken down into different sections, each with a video lesson highlighting a specific part of learning WordPress. The lesson breakdown is too long to fit into one screenshot, but here is an example of what to expect when you open a lesson: Review + Giveaway


I love how I can skip the stuff I already know and watch the portions of the lessons that pertain to what I want to learn most. In school, I always had difficulty sitting still through the parts of the lesson plan that I already understood, so it’s important to me to be able to jump ahead. I’m also not a linear learner, I like to jump around. The first thing that caught my eye in this lesson was “What to Do When Your Site Crashes.” I’ve broken Pretty Opinionated before by messing with my custom.php file in my Thesis theme, and my solution has always been to call my mom to fix it. While I love being the offspring of my tech person, I really need to learn what to do on my own to fix my site.

This particular segment of the lesson lasts just over 6 minutes, and explains how to save your site from everything from a bad plug-in to a catastrophic error that requires getting into your site through FTP. Review + Giveaway

Once I’ve watched a video, lets me know by adding a little eye icon to it, so I can come back later and pick up where I left off. Membership Costs

There are several levels of memberships, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Monthly- $25 for access to all 80,000 tutorials anytime of day

Monthly Premium- $37.50 for access to all 80,000 tutorials plus exercise files

Yearly- $250 for access to all 80,000 tutorials anytime of day

Yearly Premium- $375 for access to all tutorials plus the exercise files

Giveaway ends 8/15at 11:59PM. . Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond. Void where prohibited.
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