Big Time Movie RagsThe Big Time Movie & Rags Double Feature DVD released on August 28th, and fans of Big Time Rush are sure to be thrilled. Jacob, of course, is a fan. If it’s on Nickelodeon, chances are he loves it, so I do know a little about Big Time Rush. Of all the music shows they feature, I like this one the best because the band is always getting into these larger than life, totally inexplicable situations. Take, for example, Big Time Movie, a feature-length episode of the hit show. The band is supposed to be on their way to London for their first world tour, but instead, they end up on a mission to save the world from the evil villain, Sir Atticus Moon. Sounds preposterous, right? That’s why it’s so much fun!

Of course, a musical trip to London wouldn’t be complete without at least some mention of the legendary Beatles, now would it? Well, Big Time Movie goes beyond just a mere mention and does several really great Beatles covers. Songs include “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Help,” “Revolution,” and “We Can Work it Out.” To carry the Beatles reference even further, the boys are assisted by a secret agent named Penny Lane.

The second movie on the double-length feature DVD is Rags. I didn’t watch that one, but Jacob said it was pretty decent. It’s kind of a reverse musical Cinderella, with the character Charles dealing with a nasty step-father and two spoiled step-brothers. When Charles meats Kadee, a superstar with an over-protective father, she helps him realize his dreams.The Fairy Godfather is a studio technician involved in producing Charles’ demo, which leads him to his Princess Charming.

The Big Time Movie & Rags DVD is available at your favorite video retailer, or on Amazon for $9.99. That’s a pretty good price for what is essentially two separate movies. Surprise your Nick fan with a copy today!