My computer has been really sluggish lately. It’s only about 3 years old, and I really need it to last at least another year or so, but these days it’s kind of been driving me batty. I actually have to reboot it almost daily now! I’ve always been on the “leave it on” side of the debate over whether you should shut down at night or not. Unfortunately, that’s just not working out anymore. Basically, it needs an overhaul, a tune-up. It needs a visit from the System Mechanic!

The Brand Spankin’ New System Mechanic

Give the Gift of a Healthier Computer with System Mechanic 11

If you remember all the way back to around this time last year, you might recall my review of System Mechanic for the holidays. If you do remember that far back, you’re like the most loyal and spectacularly Pretty Opinionated reader on the planet! Or, you just have an amazing memory. Anyway, I raved last year about how great it was for my system. This year, it’s even better.

Features of System Mechanic

  • Complete system scan. Run a complete system scan to identify potential problems and find out just how healthy your computer is.
  • Easy fixes. Once problems are identified, you can fix them with the click of a button. Prefer to deal with the issue yourself? Advanced options allow you to determine how best to fix the issue.
  • Clears clutter. Computers can become overrun with clutter very easily. Even the neatest person in the world probably has a “messy” computer. System Mechanic scans through your files, identifies the junk, and lets you get rid of it in one click.
  • Boost speed.  Speed up everything from your start up process to your Internet browsing experience with the built-in accelerators.
  • Compatibility with Windows 8:  System Mechanic will now be functioning with 8, making sure your new pc is always in tip-top shape.
  • Whole Home Licensing: Gone is the 3 PC limit, now each software license is valid on all PCs in your home.

While the basic System Mechanic features that you’ve come to know and love (or heard about in the past) are still there, the program seems to have had a major overhaul in System Mechanic 11. There are a lot more features than I remember from last year, including dozens of different tools that you can use either together or on their own.

Give the Gift of a Healthier Computer with System Mechanic 11

When I ran the scan the first time, it said my computer was in poor health. After doing just a few of the suggested changes (I did skip one or two for now), it’s in good health again. I particularly love the CRUDD remover. It found over 2 gigs of junk just sitting around on my computer. The only thing I didn’t really like is the fact that it decided to start doing a background scan of some type because it thought I was idle. The scan took up a ton of RAM and processing power, and it was hard to get out of it because of everything being so slowed down. I need to shut off that particular feature, and set the scan for manual or something.

Other than that one minor issue, I really love the new System Mechanic 11 and find it incredibly beneficial to my computer. Grab your copy at: for $39.95.


Give the Gift of a Healthier Computer with System Mechanic 11