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Black Forest Trifle Recipe: A Perfect Dessert for Christmas

Guest Post: Black Forest Trifle Recipe

In this season, where love and giving reign high and supreme, we can’t help but adorn our tables
with some of the tastiest and yummiest food we don’t normally serve most days of the year.
Roasted turkey, pasta, mac ‘n cheese, salad, veggies—plus platefuls upon platefuls of joy and
cheer—all round up a truly festive Christmas. And after a hearty and fulfilling dinner, desserts
come in. Family and friends will surely look forward to grabbing a generous slice of pudding or
pumpkin pie, or perhaps, a handful of Gingerbread or Christmas tree-shaped cookies. But if you
want to serve something extra special, why not try out a new recipe to amaze everyone around.
Black forest trifle recipe is just the perfect sweet to delight their craving, perhaps!

This holiday dessert highlights yogurt and cream which, when mixed together, reveal an oh-so-
heavenly flavor.

For the ingredients, prepare the following:

500 grams of chocolate brownies (you can choose the ready-made ones if you don’t have enough
time to prepare)

2-3 cups of cherries, drained (set aside 5 tablespoon of the liquid)

600 milligrams of double cream

500 grams of low or nonfat yogurt

2-3 tablespoon of vanilla bean paste

2-3 tablespoon of icing sugar

For the toppings, prepare dark chocolate curls

Here’s how you do it:

1. Divide the brownies into large pieces. Place them on a huge bowl. Add the cherry liquid, then
top it with half the amount of cherries.

2. Whip the cream until it turns soft and cream. Add vanilla and icing sugar and mix them
evenly. Add about ¼ of the amount on the cherries then follow it with the remaining amount
of cherries on the mixture before topping it with cream and chocolate curls. Keep inside the
refrigerator for up to 4 hours, or even overnight if you plan to serve it the following day. This
will allow the flavor of the cherries to blend with the cream.

Indeed, planning what special dessert to serve this Christmas could put you to stress, but you
still have a month to prepare, so start looking up for some exciting desserts now! And once
you’ve decided on the main courses to serve, it’s really a must that you pick the right dessert to
complement the occasion.

Remember, if you start your Christmas dinner with a bang, be sure to end it with a bang, as well.
With so many traditional Christmas desserts available, you may want to opt for something new
and exciting, without really ignoring the traditional flares. The black forest trifle recipe is the
perfect choice for you. It’s not only easy to prepare, it also makes an old classic super ultra-