NoviPet Nutritional Supplements for PetsI have three big dogs. Two are considered well into their senior years at age 11, and one is just a moose of a boy at age 5. Cooper (the boy), and Tasha, my Shepherd, have both been suffering from weird skin allergies this year. I’m not sure what brought it on, but they both scratch like crazy, even though they don’t have fleas. Tasha also started getting really dry fur with some bald patches. Basically, they were a mess and I really wanted to find a way to help them. NoviPet Omega 3 &6¬†practically worked miracles with Tasha’s fur.

We started using the NoviPet Omega 3 & 6 Supplement about two months ago. I held off writing this review because I wanted to see how it performed over time., and how well she did when we stopped using it. Within about three days of starting the supplement, Tasha’s fur seemed to be gaining some of it’s lovely luster back. By the end of the two weeks, she was scratching less and the balding spots looked back to normal. NoviPet worked fantastic! I know that the NoviPet supplements had a lot to do with her coat clearing up because when we ran out, she started to get all dry again.

What is NoviPet Omega 3 & 6

The NoviPet Omega 3 & 6 supplement comes in delicious (I imagine, I didn’t taste them!) chews that dogs can eat with their meals or on their own. They look like treats, but they’re packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that dogs need. The Omega 3 & 6 helps support healthy skin and fur.

The first ingredient in the NoviPet supplements is chicken meal, and it’s completely free of soy, corn, or other junky fillers that your dog really doesn’t need. They’re made with natural ingredients, and are safe for any breed of dog.

Other NoviPet Supplements

NoviPet also makes supplements to support joint health, as well as a general multivitamin. I’m definitely thinking about trying the joint health supplements next because my old girls are getting achy these days. Tasha is still very active, and she seems to pay the price at night.

NoviPet is also coming out with a Calming Aid, which I really want to try out on Cooper. He spazzes out during thunder storms, and I just feel so bad for him. Tasha also gets scared of thunder, but Cooper looks like he’s going to have heart failure the moment the wind starts blowing!

NoviPet Nutritional Supplements for Pets