Gifts for Kids: Storia from Scholastic Books: Buy a Book, Give One to A Child in NeedScholastic Books has been a long-time favorite in my family. Like really long time. I still remember the joy of bringing home my book club order form, filling it out, and getting a bunch of shiny new books delivered to school when I was little. Jacob just got his order the other day from a recent book club order, and has been telling jokes from his new joke books all week. When I was ordering Jacob’s books, I noticed a brand new feature on the Scholastic Book Club site called Storia. I was intrigued, so I checked it out right away.

Storia is a brand new reading app from Scholastic Books. You can download it for your PC, Android device, or Apple device. It has several really awesome features that are perfect for readers of all ages.

Features of Storia

  • You get 5 free ebooks when you sign up.
  • Access great books for children of all ages, including pictures books and chapter stories.
  • Not just for regular books! Enriched books features games, puzzles, and even author interviews based on the story.
  • Create multiple bookshelves for each child.
  • Each book includes a dictionary, so kids can check out the words they don’t understand.
  • You or your child can highlight parts of the book that you want to learn more about, use for help on homework, or just really enjoy. Plus, you can export those notes outside of Storia!
  • Want to check in on your child and see how they’re doing with their reading skills? Use the parent reports feature!

Storia only takes a few minutes to download over a broadband connection (it’s about 70mb, and took me less than two minutes). Once installed, just sign in with your Scholastic Books account, and set up bookshelves for each child. I only have one child, so I was able to automatically assign all future ebook purchases to his shelf. The app came with 5 books, and they seem pretty custom picked for Jacob’s age group.


Check out the vivid colors for the Clifford book. Also, note along the side, there are different activities. Picture Starter is a fun coloring game with several different pictures that kids can enhance.

Gifts for Kids: Storia from Scholastic Books: Buy a Book, Give One to A Child in Need

Buy a Storia Book and Give a Book to a Child in Need

Gifts for Kids: Storia from Scholastic Books: Buy a Book, Give One to A Child in Need

Now through the end of the year, with every Storia book that you purchase, Scholastic Books and Toys for Tots will donate a book to a child in need. It’s a great way to spread the joy to others! Every child deserves to have their own little library so that they can have the chance to expand their imagination and knowledge. Storia makes a great gift for kids of all ages because it’s so customizable and it really has almost endless possibilities.


Note- This post is NOT compensated. I just really like the App, and I believe in the cause that Scholastic and Toys for Tots are involved in.  Scholastic Books will also  be sponsoring a great prize in my 12 Days of Gifts Galore giveaway, coming up on Sunday. Be sure to come back and check it out!