Angry Birds in Space Game ReviewWho knew that a few grumpy little birds could become such a hit sensation, spawning everything from stuffed animals to books to board games? What started as a free app has become a multimillion dollar franchise seemingly overnight. If you ask me, those little birds don’t have so much to be angry about anymore!

Angry Birds was actually a pretty genius little creation on the part of the Finland-based creators. It’s simplicity and addictive nature pretty much guaranteed its success in a time where casual games have beat out just about every other type of game. While I just discovered the game myself, Jacob has been playing various incarnations of it for a while now, and he’s pretty much got a front seat on the Angry Birds bandwagon.  That’s why the Angry Birds: Birds in Space GameAngry Birds in Space Game Review is so perfect for him.

The Angry Birds in Space Game

The Angry Birds in Space Game comes with 2 Space Angry Birds, 3 pigs, 1 space helmet, structure pieces, 1 bird launcher, 32 space mission cards, and 8 points cards. The object of the game is to build structures, then use the unhappy little avian creatures to knock them down. The mission cards tell you how to build your structure while your opponents try to knock it down by launching the Angry Birds at it.

Angry Birds in Space Game Review

Why it’s fun:

Aside from featuring the really cool Angry Birds and those kind-of-cute, albeit thieving nasty little pigs, the game is all about knocking stuff down. Sure, you have to knock it down and build it up according to the instructions on the card, but Jake and I are still huge fans of destroying stuff! Well, him more than me. I’m trying to embrace the whole “boy” way of thinking, though, and I’ve come to the conclusion that boys really like stuff that falls down.

Okay, I will say that the game structures aren’t exactly easy to build. The pieces could have been designed to stand up a little better. Work on a hard, flat surface and you’ll have far fewer problems though. It does require a bit of patience at times. If the structures don’t come together right, just wing it and build your own. No one said you have to follow the rules as written! Jacob and I love making up our own rules to games.

Angry Birds in Space retails for $21.99, but Amazon has a really great deal on it right now. It’s just $7.99! Grab it before it’s gone.

Angry Birds in Space Game Review