Treat Your Pets to My Perfect Pet FoodJust because food is meant for your pet doesn’t mean it should be made from anything less healthy than the foods made for you. My Perfect Pet food knows how important your four-legged friends are to you, which is why they use only human-grade food and natural ingredients to formulate their foods. They also know how difficult it can be to find high-quality foods for diabetic dogs, or dogs who need a low glycemic diet. Now, they offer two Ultra-Low Glycemic blends that fill the much-needed gap in your dog’s diet.

Human-Grade, Real Food in Every Bite

The makers of My Perfect Pet food are pet owners themselves, so they wanted to provide the very best level of nutrition for their own dogs, then pass on that formula to you. Rather than filling up their foods with “meal” (basically, the junk that acts as a filler in sup-par dog foods), they use only ingredients certified by the FDA and USDA as being fit for human consumption. While I wouldn’t recommend taking a bite of your dog’s food, theoretically, it’s safe enough for you to eat if you wanted to do so. Since My Perfect Pet Food uses the best whole ingredients possible, there’s no need to add supplements. Basically, your dog is getting food, plain and simple. Just the ingredients needed to support a healthy diet and nothing more.

Ultra-Low Glycemic Blends

Cooper, Tasha and Maia got to try the two Ultra-Low Glycemic Blends that are now offered through My Perfect Pet Food. Since they don’t have a health condition that requires a low glycemic diet, we used the food as extras on their kibble. We always try to include something a little special to make it more interesting, mostly because Tasha and Maia refuse to eat plain kibble. They’re spoiled! Since we feed our dogs healthy premium kibble, it doesn’t really make sense to slap on a subpar food as their extra, right? The ready-to-serve blocks of My Perfect Pet food broke up nicely across three dishes and definitely enticed my furry kids into eating their meals. If you’ve been keeping up, you know that’s quite a feat for Tasha, who is my picky princess.

Both the chicken and beef recipe contain 50% first, then a blend of healthy vegetables that are easily digested by dogs. I’m pretty sure that 50% is the highest level of protein that I’ve seen in any dog food so far. Don’t quote me on that, but it seems like most premium foods have just about 20% protein.

If your dog doesn’t need an low glycemic diet, My Perfect Pet also offers several other formulas. In fact, you can even create your own special formula that completely meets the needs of your pet.

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Treat Your Pets to My Perfect Pet Food